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November 24 2015

 If not for your writing this topic could be very cooevlutnd and oblique. 



November 24 2015

 mee, I was expecting seoithmng else, but even if I had been expecting a reflective book I wouldn't have enjoyed this one. I enjoyed Norwegian Wood too, but Grotesque had no plot thread, was too long. It seemed to be random thoughts, with no real structure. It is suppossed to be very literarty, with lots of hidden layers, but I was too bored by it's lack of emotion to want to look for them. 



November 24 2015

 Billy! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful cnmemots! I am always thrilled when people take the time to leave a message, to ID a model or just to pass on a little story. I had heard that Apollonia was doing something on cruise liners - she has always been one of my favourite models, not classically beautiful but oozing charisma and the "it" factor that just shines through in all her photos! Thanks again! 



November 24 2015

 Whoever edits and puhelsbis these articles really knows what they're doing. 



November 24 2015

 If time is money you've made me a weatihler woman. 



November 24 2015

 ManuelaDuke35Several years ago I did not hear words such as seo submission! Guys ieevntnd not long time ago! But, such stuff became quite popular. I guess that can be worth to try submission issues. 



November 24 2015

 And I was just woindreng about that too! 



November 24 2015

 I have spent thousands of dorlals on Jack Canfield training. Some products I found very helpful. Advice in the Aladdin Factor increased my bonus by $50,000 each year for several years. The Success Principles, both the book and the seminar, offered much practical and useful wisdom which actually works. This new novel is way too New Age for me. Numerology. Mayan prophesies. This book reminds me of Ayn Rand, another self-help author who considered herself a special human being. She left a wake of destruction in her personal life while justifying her bad behavior because she was an exalted person. Ego knows know bounds. 



November 24 2015

 Sex witch drawing butt-twin I looovoe you!I'm sorry we will be away when you celebrate your birthday but we can have a whole other celebration for it later on. I'll defy the kitchen pig and bake you that one cake I can turn out especially well.Also, I dunno if I said this already but you look so so hot as Scully. 



November 24 2015

 Yeah – It's a shame we tend to shelve our ideas or thhuogts when we're confronted with opposition. Just as children learn to keep their jokes or ideas in hand after a few embarrassing moments in school as a way to avoid experiencing that type of attention, artists tend to keep their style or expression in hand. The artists that let it all hang out make a splash with people they stand out, and in some cases even make a great difference.Thanks for reading, Jay! 


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