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July 25 2016

 Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good inafomotirn. 



July 25 2016

 You have shed a ray of sushnine into the forum. Thanks! 



November 25 2015

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November 24 2015

 yes,not sure if i should post code here but while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($res)){ $sql= sceelt count(*) as num_replies from `forum_replies` where `tid`=' .$row['id']. ;is what looks like the important part that could be screwing it up. 



November 24 2015

 Me and this article, sitting in a tree, L--GIER-N-A-N--! 



November 24 2015

 she would do better next time. The focus here is Ms. Yuen's cmnmeot on "有咩偶像就有咩FANS". This cmnmeot is extremely wrong. I just feel bad for Stephy. If someone is overly protective about her and make a bad cmnmeot about someone or something, she shouldn't be made responsible. 無錯 華仔個CASE 係一個例子 我唔係話偷野同寫錯字同罪.......Anyway, I just wanted to stand up for Stephy. I am not her fans at all but I just didn't think Ms. Yuen had to make that cmnmeot...... 



November 24 2015

 Excellent podcast, gnmeleten! I just discovered it today, and I am riveted to your chats . I found out about your podcast from a post on E-Sangha, which I also just recently joined.I formed the Boston Shinshu Buddhist Sangha 10 years ago, and though we have been inactive for the past few years, I feel the sangha still exists on some plane. Our sangha was supported by both Rev. Taitetsu Unno and Rev. T.K. Nakagaki (NYBC). We suffered membership attrition and loss of our meeting space. We hope to get back up and running. Meanwhile, your podcast is a great resource, and I hope it will continue as you are off to a great start.gassho,Rick 



November 24 2015

 Terrific article and also quick to be able to utnnrsdaed explanation. How do My partner and i begin acquiring permission to be able to place part with the article within my new newssheet? Giving right credit rating for your requirements the particular author and also link for the online site would not be described as a concern. 



November 24 2015

 "我都係比較一個去記仇ge人..我咁樣講唔代表將來真係會咁做.."Adults should be rsnioespble for everything they spoke & did"只不過我鬧左袁小姐幾句 佢就將我句野po出黎.."I told you... you need more education. It's because you are dumb to say that at the first place."而且都係我只係同佢講..無諗過會比人睇..可能我個想法就係袁小姐好似想我出醜咁..""袁小姐好似想我出醜"... 200% yes. Still need to confirm?"所以先會咁講..有時我火起上黎就會好唔理智講左d不知所謂ge野"You know Donold T? Relatives?我講ge野就係咁多..如果你地覺得係廢話可以唔理ge.."廢" yes... this time, you are correct. 



November 24 2015

 OMG, I love the idea of my Michelle in a black catsuit. She aderaly has those smoldering sexy cat's eyes. I have loved her for ages but only just found this site. Keep it going guys! 


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