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November 24 2015

 Sex witch drawing butt-twin I looovoe you!I'm sorry we will be away when you celebrate your birthday but we can have a whole other celebration for it later on. I'll defy the kitchen pig and bake you that one cake I can turn out especially well.Also, I dunno if I said this already but you look so so hot as Scully. 



November 24 2015

 Yeah – It's a shame we tend to shelve our ideas or thhuogts when we're confronted with opposition. Just as children learn to keep their jokes or ideas in hand after a few embarrassing moments in school as a way to avoid experiencing that type of attention, artists tend to keep their style or expression in hand. The artists that let it all hang out make a splash with people they stand out, and in some cases even make a great difference.Thanks for reading, Jay! 



November 24 2015

 Hi Pacha! I'm yappy that you'll share with your new catputer. Do you want sueonstiggs for your IPawd? I have efurything on mine: Hip Hop, salsa, pawp classics, jazz, blues, you name it! I'll unleash my entire list if you like. I sure miss your late brofur Choupet. I'm yappy that he's a blissful cat angel in Heaven now, but life isn't the same woofout my purrfect furiend.Love,Dolly xx 



November 24 2015

 Fidnnig this post has solved my problem 



November 24 2015

 Death I think is the deepest mtersyy anyone has yet to decipher.Really scientifically no one has been able to know what lies beyond.What one does here and now during this life is the most important.Whether good or bad should be underlying factor, hard work or lackof it will leave behind their own trail. So first live life happily for yourselfand for others feel no regrets. there are enough means and technologicalmeans available to live a healthy and contributory life. So celebrate lifeitself. That is what everyone will remember to you by and the rest havingpassed on never wrote back to us ! Those alive should at least alleviatephysical and mental pain of people around us in poverty, riches, power orwithout it. 



November 24 2015

 I may have to get an iPhone just for the camera. My Droid takes awful phtoos and I'm just positive that it isn't the user LOL Love the phtoos of the three friends. Kristin _ The Goat 



November 24 2015

 The women characters in Grotesque I found fatisnacing and the look on their lifestyles were intriguing and yet very dark. I liked this book a lot when I read it for a previous book group but I didnt have Out to compare it to and am glad in a way as I dont think I would have appreciated it so much. I think Out labelled Kirino a thriller writer and by the sounds of it she writes modern fiction about women and their lives in Asia with murder as a device to talk about their lives etc. It sounds like Out is a wonderful thriller and one I intend to read soon. I am looking forward to reading it though I dont think I will compare it to Grotesque. Interesting thoughts on an interesting author. 



November 24 2015

 ," life is like a box of chocolates. You'll never know what you're gonna get". (ဤအဂ လ ပ စ က င အ ခ တန ပ မ လ အ လ ပ သ ဖင ဖတ ရန ...) )Forrest Gump က က တ ခ င တ တ က ဧရ ၄၅ စ မ က အ မင ခင မ က သ င သ ဆင ခင တ တရ င ပည ဝ သ ခ ကလက မ ရ င ပ စဗ ... (Btw... င က မ လ ရ ကဗ လ ကလည လ လ လ န လ င ဝ လ တယ ) ) 



November 24 2015

 Dag nabbit good stuff you whnseprpiappers! 



November 24 2015

 In ICAC, there are some investigators with CPA badugrokncs. The accounting expertise help to combat corruption issues because bribery and related frauds are concealed through accounting records.We, the accounting professional paly a vital role in keeping HK as a clean and fair international city. 


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