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January 11 2014

 - These are beautiful, tgouhh I'm not surprised at all! Tessa is incredibly talented and she had great subjects to work with as well! Can't wait to see all of them and especially the ones that make it framed to the wall. : ) 



January 11 2014

 Yo, good lokion out! Gonna make it work now. 



January 11 2014

 Wow! I am newly informed on the tharet of Jihad here in America and this is truly eye-opening. After writing a letter to the editor in the local paper, I got 2 phone calls with positive responses but the local media takes the usual politically correct view. Our central Minnesota area has quite a few muslim immigrants and we are constantly told in the local paper to be "tolerant" and 9 out of 10 front pages are about "diversity" and other political correct garbage. I am a member of Act! for America and pray that more and more people wake up! 



January 11 2014

 For fiction I have not read it (yet?), but E.L. Doctorow's new book, The March, is gitetng good reviews. You might check it out and see if you'd like reading it. On the other hand, if you have not read it yet, The Da Vinci Code is a fun, interesting book. I actually enjoyed it a lot (well, at the time time I was recovering from a liver transplant!). 



January 11 2014

 Good job mankig it appear easy. 



January 11 2014

 My 1 year old boy would love the one with grey! I like to see how cozy my boy can be wrapped with this bfaitueul blanket. My 4 years old boy also would love to play with the blanket to create his imaginary world. We will move to a new house 2 weeks later so it would be a memorial gift to them. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway! 



January 11 2014

 There's a hidden mode that pntears can unlock for themselves that? turns it into a basic Android tablet that, yes, can download apps from the Google Play stores (they just lock it back when they give it back to their kids). 



January 11 2014

 風信子, 通寶兄,唔, 這就是香港了.andy,City Hall & Art Centre 間中會有好嘢!Ruth,Hooooo! Hihi! 妳而家一定快活過神仙啦! Haaa~"Haven't watched the film but heard the rnorcdiegs. Very good."果然係音樂高手! 妳知嗎, Heoftz 嘅鋼琴造詣亦不弱, 據聞竟達演奏級. 但當然, 比起 L. Godowsky 及 霍洛維茲等等鋼琴大師自是無得 fight. 畢竟, 小提琴才是他的絕學. 



January 11 2014

 Thank you for your support.I selodm discuss some political issues, but I must express my idea when some important events which were found logical errors. 



January 11 2014

 Navifirm stores all the fimrawre versions parallel or upcoming for Nokia devices. My 808 is on .310. Actually 310 and 311 are parallel versions and may be available for diffrent regions. Also the software update gets released in a phased manner for devices in different regions. 


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