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January 09 2014

 Yes, I spent some time visiting the other prncitipaats of this photo-heart connection!I love the image of the little table and the two chairs and especially the cloth and the little plant! This just screams Italy! Though of course it could be somewhere else where there are warm days and evenings and where people like to sit outside and watch the world go by! By the comfort of the thick cushions, I would imagine that quite a lot of sitting goes on out there!There is a feeling of intimacy and warmth coming from this composition. I love it! 



January 09 2014

 I just desired to jot down a rrmeak in order to give thanks a person for all those wonderful hints you're giving out only at that web site. My personal long search on the internet has at the end of the day been paid along with really good facts to switch with my personal visitors. I deb declare that a lot of us visitors are undoubtedly rendered to dwell in a notable website along with lots of wonderful professionals with advantageous tips. I feel very blessed to possess come across the web pages and appear toward a lot more thrilling occasions reading here. Thanks once more for the particulars. 



January 09 2014

 These posts are quite old now- I will give birth around Christmas time and want to know if anoyne can recommend antenatal classes occurring in sep- november 2012 in Bangkok..? 



January 09 2014

 AFAIC th'ats the best answer so far! 



January 09 2014

 I am sorry, but I do not know its history bforee Hakuin, for lack of a better term, popularized it. The history of the Sutra was briefly touched upon years ago in Tricycle magazine, but I no longer have that issue.I could ask for you, if you'd like. It is sometimes popular, especially with the Rinzai sect, to chant Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo during the New Year. I know that has done so in the past (I do not know if they do so annually). I have an ongoing relationship with them, so I would feel comfortable to ask them. I'm sure you would receive an equally kind and helpful reply if you prefer to ask. P.S. Remember my long-winded email to you a while back? This is one of the things I chant often, especially when I feel the need for more compassion in the world. The words help me to open my heart and realize the spirit of Kannon . I try to carry that with me throughout the day- like I am one of Kannon's thousand arms, reaching out in gentleness to everyone I meet.Hope I didn't go too cornball on you. 



January 09 2014

 Hey Alfred,thank you very much for your insights!It helps a lot to udrenstand from the outside, what worries you and other egyptians!Hope to read more from you! 



January 09 2014

 Dear S. Dhammika, though I have never had a ccnahe to live in a Buddhist country or know personally Asian traditional Buddhists, I still do not think all is foul and stinky in Theravada. No doubt, cases of corruption are there. It is naive to expect that all or even most Buddhists are True Buddhists, just like all or even most Christians are True Christians. I assure you that I could write in a similar way a book on Orthodox Christianity or Russian Buddhists. If we go by silly traditions and superficiality of faith even among clergy then no religions are what they claim to be. Theravada in this respect is no better and no worse than any other Buddhist Tradition or any other religion. And I find the book too negativistic. No kindness or compassion to Theravadin monks or lay people, however deluded they may be, and clear DOSA (aversion) to that tradition including its history. The purpose is NOT to help Theravadins mend their ways, the book is not even addressed to them - they are like rotten apples only to serve as bad examples and then be thrown away and forgotten. Hardly an approach that the Buddha could have recommended. As far as I remember the Buddha always opposed attempts to set some Buddhists against others, but that is what this book attempts to do, as I see it. Your call to start a New tradition in Buddhism Buddhayana is OK. If you have something to offer show it , preach it, teach it. But it seems to be a wrong start to trample on some other tradition to draw attention to your own understanding of Dhamma. Whatever the problems of today's Theravada, I am deeply grateful to this tradition to offer me the least mystical, very practical and effective way to better understand the world and people including myself. Grateful to the tradition which produced such wonderful teachers like Ajahn Chaa, Ajahn Sumedho and Ajahn Brahm. 



January 09 2014

 You make thgnis so clear. Thanks for taking the time! 



January 09 2014

 “Sow a thought and you reap an acoitn, Sow an acoitn and you reap a habit, Sow a habit and you reap a character, Sow a character and you reap your destiny.” Buddhist Proverb“विचार से कर्म की उत्पत्ति होती है, कर्म से आदत की उत्पत्ति होती है, आदत से चरित्र की उत्पत्ति होती है और चरित्र से आपके प्रारब्ध की उत्पत्ति होती है. ” बौद्ध कहावतi love it and too thankful 



January 09 2014

 This is just the pefcret answer for all forum members 


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