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January 12 2014

 Deep thinking - adds a new dinmiseon to it all.  



January 12 2014

 That's an inueniogs way of thinking about it. 



January 12 2014

 This is an arcilte that makes you think "never thought of that!" 



January 12 2014

 I see his point. I've seen two or three Swedish league games and they were exteemrly boring, slow speed (meaning slow progression of play, not slow skating), no physical element, systems that make 90's Devils look like 80's Oilers... To exaggerate a bit.I believe the Swedish ice surfaces are the largest even in Europe, so the lack of intensity may have something to do with that.I disagree with "Euro hockey is unwatchable", though. I've seen a couple of games from Russian, Finnish, Swiss and German leagues and all of those except the German ones were quite entertaining. Not as entertaining as your average NHL game, but I'd be OK with watching those three leagues. I'll readily admit, though, that I'm no expert of these leagues and the amount of games that I've seen is too small to know how accurate my views are, because you can't draw an accurate average from 2-5 games per league. 



January 12 2014

 That's an astute answer to a tricky queitson 



January 12 2014

 The paragon of unsaddtenring these issues is right here! 



January 12 2014

 it looks lovely Mlle chhctreoeer!love the colors as well... hopefully you'll finish it soon and without any further issues of laking yarn...have a good week! 



January 12 2014

 Back in school, I'm doing so much legrnina. 



January 12 2014

 Boy that rellay helps me the heck out. 



January 12 2014

 A minute saved is a minute eaednr, and this saved hours! 


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