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January 09 2014

 Hats off to whevoer wrote this up and posted it. 



January 09 2014

 Suspriring to think of something like that 



January 09 2014

 Yep, it's not the same Redbook we used to know. Thanks for posting the link. After I bemace a believer years ago, I felt convicted to stop many magazines just because of their worldly views. It's a shame that they continue to publish tasteless material, though. Insulting, at the very least. 



January 09 2014

 Thanks for that one Bhante.I have long been interested in these bohnsu and their sublime sounds. I remember first being impressed by one particular temple bell that was sounded during the Sutra chanting sessions of a documentary about The Ehiji Zen temple. I still have a very scratchy old copy of the documentary on vhs video that I watch from time to time. Interesting Haiku about the butterfly landing on the bohnsu as well, all very Zen indeed! 



January 09 2014

 It's always a relief when someone with obvious extpreise answers. Thanks! 



January 09 2014

 I must convey my apaeociptirn for your generosity in support of those people that absolutely need help on that idea. Your special dedication to passing the solution around has been wonderfully invaluable and have in most cases helped ladies just like me to arrive at their pursuits. Your valuable advice denotes much a person like me and substantially more to my peers. Many thanks; from all of us. 



January 09 2014

  Brain didn’t really fit into to the ‘vegetable’ cgtoaery. depending, of course, on whos, day or time of day. there are times when i years (decades!!!?) ago, i attempted to choke down a brain burrito but try as i may couldn't get it beyond the back of my palletfab writing and photos; keep em coming! 



January 09 2014

 Apopacietirn for this information is over 9000-thank you! 



January 09 2014

 Boy was I ever floored when I reeviecd your email. Could you tell I was excited? Heehee! Thank you oh so very much. Funny here I am babbling about the light and now I get a super radiant Buddha belly. 



January 09 2014

 I'm a part of that community. I don't want SGU to end. If they need more ideas, they can give me a shout antiyme. My mind is constantly creating up situations to put the crew of Destiny in. Long Live Stargate 


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