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January 08 2014

 I feel satifsied after reading that one. 



January 08 2014

 HHIS I should have thhougt of that! 



January 08 2014

 HK people are great. Other than Cantonese, they can speak English and Chinese as well. No laagunge barrier there for me. Places are crowded but still ok. Traffic is heavy, public transport is efficient from my experience. Not about air pollution as it rains most of the days I am there. But I do see electronic board at train stations showing the air pollution level, within acceptable range. Will love to visit again next year if there is a chance. =) 



January 08 2014

 Right now we are only doing preschool at home and I find myeslf struggling to keep my 16 month old entertained while I work with my 3 and almost 5 year old boys. We used to do our work at the dining room table and finally gave up when no one could hear me over the baby screaming because she felt left out. So now we have gotten creative with our time and place for learning too! Sometime I even work with my oldest after the others have fallen alseep! 



January 08 2014

 You’re a wonderful fienrud and cousin Choupet!I’m sorry that I didn’t call last night. I fell asleep on Ti-Mine’s couch and just got home. He had me over for gourmet dog chow and a movie. He wasn’t himself so I asked what made his beautiful green eyes look so sad. Poor Ti-Mine. He thought his girlfuriend was his soul mate but she has catmitment issues and she is getting cold paws. To make things worse, he thinks she’s falling for the conceited tomcat down the street. I tried to console him but he barely ate his salmon sushi. Ti-Mine wants to know if you have time for a cat-to-cat talk. He needs advice from a wise senior catizen. Love, Dolly xxx 



January 08 2014

 Your posting is abuotslely on the point! 



January 08 2014

 You're the grtteesa! JMHO 



January 07 2014

 Amina, October 3, 2012 at 3:56 pm Although a staple in the Sri-Lankan Chinese food scene and know for their deluicois food and attentive service, I've noticed their standards have been slipping in the recent past. I'm not sure about the other outlets, but my sister and I were subject to a severe case of food poisoning from their main outlet in Thurstan road, and yet again, from a suspicious looking chicken dish. In nearly 20 years of patronizing this establishment, nothing of the sort has happened before so it's a little disappointing. However, I hope they can rectify whatever is causing the drop in food safety standards and other quality issues. 



January 07 2014

 This "free sharing" of inarimftoon seems too good to be true. Like communism. 



January 07 2014

 You really saved my skin with this intrimafoon. Thanks! 


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