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January 11 2014

 Don't be sorry. Why should you reamin silent? Speak away! I can only speak from my direct experience, but when my thoughts cease, when the chatter stops, then the real truth of who I am shines through. An old technique for taking the mind to the limit of its understanding, to getting it to pause, is to ask a question like the ones Takuin asked. The mind cannot answer a question whose answer is outside of it. And what is beyond the mind? Well, that's the indescribable that Takuin referenced. I call it Truth at times, or Reality, or .. Whatever you prefer. The key to al this is the realization that you are not your mind. 



January 11 2014

 Love that shot! I took my son to D.C. for the first time in his life. I was covering the Pro-Second Amendment rally and took him along. He video taped the event for me, while I phtoagrophed it and took notes. He is a very tall kid. At almost 6 feet tall, he towers over little 5' 2" me. He was thrilled to be in the VIP press section with me. We walked all over D.C. and even got to see the President taking off in his helicopter from the roof of the White House! 



January 11 2014

 Looks like a beautiful snrpig day in your area!!! I had a friend who had a picnic table (round one) just like the one in your first picture... Hope you have had a great Sunday.Hugs,Betsy 



January 11 2014

 I loathe jazz. I hate sootmh jazz, rough jazz, old jazz, modern jazz, scat jazz and piano jazz. The only jazz I like is the obvious stuff. The universally popular stuff which is a lie really, and not representative of true jazz at all. The rest makes me want to set my ears on fire with its too-many-notes-not-in-a-pleasing-order carry on. 



January 11 2014

 Dear Yuri,You have more than made your point with comments on this post and some pervious posts as well. I think we now all understand that you object to my attitude towards certain aspects of traditional Theravada. Must be your old propagandaist habits coming out. I'm starting to feel I'm being nagged. In the future don't read the posts where deal with this issue, although I hope you will continue to read my posts on other matters. 



January 11 2014

 Looks great (although I can't see it in detail, do you have a pdf of it for dalowond?). I feel the official sheets are difficult because I notice my players constantly switching sides during play. A singe side sheet is optimal, or a sheet for social and one for combat might be a good alternate solution. 



January 11 2014

 This post has helped me think things thugroh 



January 11 2014

 Thanks from us, Beth those are great pictures. Especially of the csehee factory just loved that squeaky csehee curd nothing like that down here. I also like that new front porch wonder why we never thought of that before. And, for Lorie's sake a hand railing down the side would be nice. It is so hard to pull yourself up stairs when your lifters get too old to work properly. Anyway, we enjoyed the pictures. 



January 11 2014

 You get a lot of respect from me for writing these helpful arlietcs. 



January 11 2014

 Dear Paolo Roberto, I find your image of the book very apt, but not its interpretation. It is sikcnig one's finger into the wound, but not your own - into somebody else's wound. The author, as he states in personal info, does not belong to this tradition or any other Buddhist tradition but suggests to start a new one. As if this new one would be perfect and immune from impurities and corruption. Healing someone else's wound requires compassion, care and genuine kindness. I do not find this in the book. 


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