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January 08 2014

 Furrealz? That's masvoleurly good to know. 



January 08 2014

 Hats off to wheveor wrote this up and posted it. 



January 08 2014

 De dc3a4r granarna gc3b6r mig glad, sc3a5 bghgaliea att se pc3a5. Vc3a5r minsting Hugo skulle c3a4lska att bc3a4dda ner sig sjc3a4lv och dockorna och alla njukisdjuren under den, och jag skulle tycka att hans kaosstc3b6kiga rum skulle bli trevligare att stiga in i om granarna fanns dc3a4r. Vi c3b6nskar oss filten med grc3a5 kant. 



January 08 2014

 For the love of God, keep writing these arlcties. 



January 08 2014

 Awesome you should think of sohntmieg like that 



January 08 2014

 Yes the reflection of the soul in the Valley of the Gods it is an expsesrion of self, of the mirrored reflection of both the individual and collective soul .A friend recently wrote: Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how you dance in the rain (MB, Australia, 2013)Star dust Moon dust dust of the dance.Your life is an inspiration a Guide through this stormy world Your work is ethereal with a substance that anchors us to all that exists beyond the woeful constructions that would annhiliate us all.- 



January 08 2014

 I remember waicnthg a special on opening day, I'm sure on Wonderful World of Disney, and how exciting it was. My entire family watched of course. We lived in AZ and went to California often for a few days on the beach. Well >we went in November of 1955 and spent two days at Disneyland. I still have the parking tickets showing the time and date stamps, I have the map of Tom Sawyer Island, which even showed where to fish! Still have the souvenirs. I particularly remember holding my Dad's hand as we walked into Frontierland, and I remember riding with him on Peter Pan. I've been many times since, including the day Haunted Mansion opened, but I'll never forget that first visit.Congratulations and best wishes for another 55 years! 



January 08 2014

 I love the bird watching shot, too! Love the look on Yanouk's face! How does Rosie check out the big birds? Hope all of you have a great week, Gattina!Sylvia 



January 08 2014

 You were way more stylish than I was at that age! I rmbemeer the catalog days my favorite was the Sears Wish Book, the big one that came out before the holidays. LOVE the picture of you with the boots. At least Cheryl Tiegs was a bit more stable than some young Hollywood women these days. 



January 08 2014

 I really apecaripte free, succinct, reliable data like this. 


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