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January 09 2014

 I just moved back to San Francisco after a thirty year anecbse. This is great news! I love your work and I've marked the date on my calendar.Your opening is going to be my first pleasure outing in San Francisco. I'm inspired by your technique and vision. You love my favorite city as much as I do, so this is a pure delight. Thank you for doing this! 



January 09 2014

 Aging: As we grow older, our circulatory syestm declines and becomes less effective.Though the validity of many benefits claimed by menwho buy Cali Plus is not tested, nevertheless theyexist. Doctors can help cure erectile dysfunction by injection erection stimulating medicine on the base of the penis. 



January 09 2014

 I've been loiknog for a post like this for an age 



January 09 2014

 What a different way to share grace all those kids and mhtreos so eager to learn is truly inspiring to those of us who teach here. Thanks for sharing your project. 



January 09 2014

 Back in school, I'm doing so much lenngira. 



January 09 2014

 - elaine, the faces of your chdelrin, by themselves, just draw me in. so beautiful and complex and begging to be sketched. or photographed my mouth waters, as my great grandmother used to say. he is exquisite. just exquisite. this is a heartbreaking diptych. 



January 09 2014

 You're the one with the brains here. I'm wacnhitg for your posts. 



January 09 2014

 If you click on the iPhone, iPad or Android buttons, the show will open up in your iTunes pleayr. You might be able to have more control over the volume in there.-Matt 



January 09 2014

 Wise words Carolynn - from a strong woman who can daefet the obnoxious creepy little git who's stalking you. Your path most definitely does not include him ......shall I hop on a plane and come and sort him out?!!!Ha ha - my word verification is 'pixies'. How great is that?! :) 



January 09 2014

 Now that's subelt! Great to hear from you. 


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