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January 09 2014

 This piece was cogent, weielwr-ttln, and pithy. 



January 09 2014

 Holy concsie data batman. Lol! 



January 09 2014

 Being British you would probably call it a "toilet" which cojrnues up an unpleasant image of waste elimination or a "loo" which is definitely rude because it rhymes with poo. "Bathroom" is the term I use and it is more euphemistic if inaccurate. My mother would have called it a "powder room". My cat, if she could talk would refer to it as a "litter box". I won't tell you what my son calls it. 



January 09 2014

 Is that really all there is to it because that'd be flsngergaatibb. 



January 09 2014

 Judy,I would call your attempt at a lgearr piece a great success! I love the bird on the cows butt .I can relate to you so much, not because we had the same parents we did not, but there was much abuse and a lot to recover from. And I used to paint whimsical animal paintings, long ago and there was great joy there, but I longed for a more free way to paint and abstract gave that to me. I tend to over think these things too . These days I sometimes ask myself when I am painting and I want to get wild and crazy and free What would Cy (Twombly) do? He is a hero to me and one who never held back.I have learned to paint from him. That is not to say that there is not freedom and joy in the old paintings I did, there was, it was just different.Always so fun to come and talk to you . xoxo 



January 09 2014

 What are you even What are you even doing here? Don't you realize that Ford never cmliead huge power out of the 2010 GT? Apparently all the 09 GTs needed anyway was a new intake to match up to the big bad SS. Shame seems a whole 15 hp is all it takes to trounce GM. The only thing more embarrassing than the Camaro's inefficiency is your knowledge of autos. Know why Chevy put a big engine in the Camaro? Penis envy. Yet, the 4.6 comes out on top. See, man? don't feel bad, small things can get the job done 



January 09 2014

 Nothing will ever be the new Lost just like nothing will ever be the new Xfiles or Twin Peaks. Lost, the Xfiles and Twin Peaks are amzniag shows that spark so much thought and loyalty that has lasted for years afterwards. Once upon a time is great but I haven't reached the addiction level yet that I reached with those other shows. Once upon a time is created and produced by 2 of the main LOST writers so there is a lot of hope and excitment about it. 



January 09 2014

 I so remember those ctaalogs with Cheryl Tiegs. To funny. I think you look adorable.Hey, Can you please keep our family in your prayers. We are trying to get our children home from Ethiopia and have encountered some snags. Prayers are greaty appreciated.Blessings,Julie 



January 09 2014

 - Girl, how you find all your amazing locaitons, I will NEVER know. I guess it would involve going out and looking, which I never do. Your stuff has been really stunning lately. Great color! 



January 09 2014

 Deep thinking - adds a new dieiosmnn to it all.  


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