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July 30 2013

 Hi EdamommyHope all is well! What struck me is that you refer to the great Buddhist tecerahs as though they are of the past, removed from our daily experience. They do exist, living the lives of the present, that we know marriage, children, the issues of the west. Trungpa Rinpoche taught beautifully to and from the heart about many things we live with in the west. My own precious teacher, recognised and enthroned, was born in the west, has been married, raised kids, has a multitude of pets .knows what we live with and through more intimately than I. And so teaches from that place of wisdom that reflects our lives.Living life in contentment, joy, mindfulness and compasion seems to me to be a great method. What the life looks like is perhaps not so much the issue, as the qualities that we bring to it. 



July 30 2013

 Mavis You're quite welcome. I hope this helps you make a few nice canhges on the site. Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding the site.Also, I apologize for the gender confusion.Glad I could help! 



July 30 2013

  Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and it's all small stuff By Richard Carlson, PH.D. This is an amazing book to make your self eseetm improve as well as those around you. It's focused on making your life stress free so you can have time to focus on yourself; therefore, raising your self eseetm and self worth. 



July 30 2013

 Yes it will fit, just make sure that the temp sensor if on the head is on the right side. On Chevy's there is a bung for them near the front of the head on the drevir side. It has been a while but I do know they will fit either side no problem. Before you do this, be sure to clean the threads on the head bolts and if you can the bolt holes they go into. I prefer to use black RTV on the head bolts this is because the bolts go into the block and into the water passages, this will help keep them sealed, but be sure to torque them down right away if you use the RTV. Also there is a pattern that has to be followed while tighting them almost like a tire. Not doing it like that can cause the new head gasket to leak and warp the head. 



July 30 2013

 The book also brings up eroaxtrdinary scientists, including my long-time favorite – Rama (aka VS Ramachandran)! a0This guy found a way of curing phantom limb pain with mirrors. In short, when a limb is amputated, the patient’s brain still thinks that it’s there – the brain area that processed the feelings from the limb is still there. He decided to fool the brain by putting a mirror to reflect the limb that’s still there; when the patient moves the healthy limb, the brain thinks all is right with the world. That wasn’t a great explanation – you can watch a video of Rama talking about the concept here. 



July 30 2013

 This post seems to recieve a large ammnout of visitors. How do you promote it? It offers a nice individual twist on things. I guess having something useful or substantial to talk about is the most important factor. 



July 29 2013

 Hey Merely wanna remark on few genreal things, The website pattern is perfect, the content material is real excellent. Crime does not pay as well as politics. by Alfred E. Newman . 


Brian May

July 04 2013

 This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us 


Louis Tomlinson

June 27 2013

 "you might not be plastic but your fantastic" 


William Blake

June 04 2013

 The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom. 


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