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January 08 2014

 hey erica, em... all i wna say is, fgt it, save ur breathe taiklng back. 'she' wun get it... not quite able to communicate with these em... 'special' ppl. unless u thk it's fun taiklng bk of coz i have no offence, it's kinda fun reading the cms. lolxxxc 



January 08 2014

 she would do better next time. The focus here is Ms. Yuen's cnmoemt on "有咩偶像就有咩FANS". This cnmoemt is extremely wrong. I just feel bad for Stephy. If someone is overly protective about her and make a bad cnmoemt about someone or something, she shouldn't be made responsible. 無錯 華仔個CASE 係一個例子 我唔係話偷野同寫錯字同罪.......Anyway, I just wanted to stand up for Stephy. I am not her fans at all but I just didn't think Ms. Yuen had to make that cnmoemt...... 



January 08 2014

 something like BUT I ALREADY BOOKED THE CHAPEL FOR OUR WEDDING!!! Assuming that a coffee date will dietneifly last 5 hours AND having a clear step-by-step plan, AND losing your shit when things don't go according to plan is, indeed, loony.3.) However, that raises a question: why is SHE the one making the plan? That sounds as if you were a bit more passive in the planning department and she took the lead. If that's the case, well, there's your problem. Might be that she also always makes the plan. Starts talking to a guy, they hit it off, he says So do you want to get together? She says sure, he then says Ok, what do you want to do? and she runs with that. That would actually explain a lot of her But I had 27 different things planned out for today! reaction. I'm not saying her expectation of blowing coffee into a full fledged 5-hour-and-then- we'll see what happens date is reasonable, mind you. Just that the sequence of events makes sense, and to a certain extent, if you let her make the plan, that's where the problem came in. Now, if you're the one who said Let's do coffee. I know this great place on 25th St. that serves these badass begniets. You ever had a begniet before? You'll love em, and she just made up some fantasy date for herself after that, then she's SERIOUSLY nuts, but if she's the one who made the plan .well she's still nuts for the degree of her reaction and how much she assumed, but you did set yourself up for a fall. 



January 08 2014

 Thanks for shgrnia. What a pleasure to read! 



January 08 2014

 Terrific article and also quick to be able to unrtdseand explanation. How do My partner and i begin acquiring permission to be able to place part with the article within my new newssheet? Giving right credit rating for your requirements the particular author and also link for the online site would not be described as a concern. 



January 08 2014

 - wow this is my favorite kind of prrioatt. you just see him, inside and out. i really love this series. he is so natural, and my goodness, what a face on this kid. again, the word that comes to mind with your work is elegant. when you mentioned annie , it further melted me my daughter has been singing that song since she was about two. and i remember belting it out on the swings in nursery school. this is childhood captured in its most pure and lovely  



January 08 2014

 I'm glad! The funny thing for me is that I'm fairly sure it was mtlosy unintentional for my father. My father was always tinkering with the haggadah, trying to find ways to tell the story better. He was very conscious of the Shoah and deliberately connected the Hebrews who died in bondage prior to the Exodus (e.g. Joseph's generation) with the Jews who didn't survive the war. He didn't make that same explicit point about connecting civil rights history. It just happened anyway because of his song choices. I'm sure he's pleased by the association, but I don't think he was deliberately going for one. I'll have to ask him. 



January 08 2014

 And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me striaght. 



January 08 2014

 It's a joy to find soemnoe who can think like that 



January 08 2014

 We absolutely adore our piuretcs and look at them constantly. You did such a beautiful job capturing the glimmer in Liddy's eyes. They are both piercing and beautiful! Thanks again! 


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