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Louis C.K.

February 27 2013

 The meal is not over when I'm full. The meal is over when I hate myself. 



January 13 2013

 The vise loosens as the distance between us grows. 


Paul de Gondi

January 12 2013

 That which is necessary is never a risk 


steven king

January 01 2013



first car

January 01 2013



Mark Grace

December 17 2012

 If you're not cheating, you're not trying. 



December 16 2012

 He who was my companion, through adventure and hardship, is gone forever. 


David Gilmour

December 02 2012

 Your lips move, but I can't hear what you are saying. 



November 20 2012


Famous Thought
If, throughout countless kalpas, I do not become the great lord of liberality,
Everywhere comforting the poor and the distressed,
I vow not to attain perfect enlightenment.
When I have realized the Buddha’s Way, My name will sound throughout the ten quarters.
If there be any place where it is not heard,
I vow not to attain perfect enlightenment.
Free from passions, deep in right mindfulness, and Pure in Wisdom, I shall pursue the holy life,
Aspire for supreme enlightenment and Become teacher of heaven and earthly beings.
Having worshipped all the Buddhas, He was endowed with the roots of virtue;
Having fulfilled his vows and his wisdom, He became hero of the three worlds.
Like the unhindered wisdom of the Buddha that pervades and shines everywhere,
I pray that the strength of my virtue and wisdom be equal to that of the Supremely Honored One.
If these vows are completely fulfilled The great thousand worlds will shake;
And from the open sky, hosts of heavenly beings will shower blossoms both wondrous and rare.

Famous Thought

Famous Thought

Famous Thought



reverend Don Gilbert

November 20 2012

 Stop chasing Fireflies. If you see a light, its you own! 


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