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January 07 2014

 168im not religious by any sttcreh of the imagination, but we really wont know what, if anything, comes next until we die. so we might as well live life now as best as we can and be as good of a person as we can not so we get our guaranteed spot in heaven (hah!), but so that we get our happiness here on earth. 



January 07 2014

 1c9INCREDIBLE way to share the world with your sons and to teach them respect of the lives & beeflis of other cultures (which can easily be found right here in America we transend acceptance of others through our unbiased sharing & through our unbiased sharing we transend acceptance of ourselves.) God bless you & yours. Have you thought of writing a book about this grand family adventure?? 



January 07 2014

 Aed tem treas Mixi-Max errados:Guan Yu (O cara le1 em cima que mtsroa metade do seu rosto e o seu chape9u)Zhang Fei (O gordinho ali em baixo)Cao Cao(O cara de cabelo branco le1 em cima) 



January 07 2014

 1b9Wow powerful stuff. My failmy recently rode our bikes from Alaska to Argentina for many of those exact reasons. My sons were growing up way too fast and I felt I was spend way too much time with other people's kids (both my husband and I were teachers) and not enough time with our own sons. So we hopped on our bikes and spent three years pedaling to the ends of the world together! 



January 07 2014

 200Wow good for you! Not enough pploee take those scary leaps. I was scared when I took the summer off to go to South Africa and volunteer. I was terrified, in fact. But the truth is that NOT going scared me more than GOING! That's how you know you are making the right decision. What is that expression that courage is not the absence of fear, but action in the face of fear (or something like that). I hope you will inspire others to take scary steps! 



January 07 2014

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January 07 2014

 loosapaa nee?ivanoda panam, background, rosiwdm ellam theriyuma? illa, therinchum theriyatha maathiri nadikkirya?CM son appdinu oru qualification pothuma? vera ethuvume illa. (councillor ward la kooda nikkirathukku layakku illa!)kastam, ithu maathiri aalungalala ungala maathiri padichavanga support panrathu. naadu urupatta maathiri thaan. 



January 07 2014

 You coldun't pay me to ignore these posts! 



January 07 2014

 A deep gassho to your wiodsm and insight, thanks for pointing to the important practice of living our ordinary lives day to day in mindfulness.take care,Greg 



January 07 2014

 It's great to find an expert who can exialpn things so well 


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