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August 01 2013

 Thank you all for your relevant and inerttseing words. Kunzang always relevant comments from you that give me good food for thought. BigHappyBuddha thanks for the support! XD Oh, and I'm sorry I missed the tag perhaps I'll do it soon, anyway, even though it's way out of date. Sorry, y'all it's been an adventure in normalcy lately . 



August 01 2013

 Since you've mentioned Descartes, for him the goal of life was fdniing the ultimate truth, or a search for certainty, or simply put, the pursuit of knowledge.According to me though, we like to believe there is some ultimate purpose, because in the big picture, our everyday purposes just don't seem big enough. We live because we were born with all that enables a being to live; an evolutionary instinct makes us want to live (whether we like it or not) and our evolved awareness and the influence of society makes us ponder over all these inconsequential and irrelevant details, most often when we're supposed to be doing something even more boring; work, college, you name it! 



August 01 2013

 The Federal Trade Commission today? stepped up its oningog campaign against scammers who falsely promise guaranteed jobs and opportunities to “be your own boss” to consumers who are? struggling with unemployment and diminished incomes as a consequence of the economic downturn. “Operation Empty Promises,” a multi-agency law enforcement initiative today announced more than 90 enforcement actions including FHTM. 



August 01 2013

 Just the type of inigsht we need to fire up the debate. 



August 01 2013

 Comments such as this one from CAP have infected the mnatsiream Democratic media. Tom Friedman's post in the New York Times accusing the U.S. Congress of being bought and paid for by AIPAC as well as Joe Klein's comments that Jews are looking for American troops to once once again fight Israel's battles are worthy in the anti-semitic motifs in ANGRIFF or Der Sturmer. In fact, similar language can be quoted away from both former Nazi publications. Routinely, Cohen, Kristof and MacKay who are regularly featured in the Times act as apologists for Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. Now, in some alternative universe, you can depict the Mullahs and the Brotherhood as cuddly democrats (small d), but the metaphor falls apart when 100,000 followers routinely scream for Jewish blood. The Times, and writers like Klein, should be called out for what they are as should John Podesta and CAP. The ugly anti-semitic cesspool of language, innuendo and accusation that the left in the Democratic Party now regularly preaches and practices should be condemned. Temporizing with these anti-semites which is what we get from Abe Foxman and David Harris has outlived its usefulness. And where is Senator Chuck Schumer who seems to suffer from congenital laryngitis when it comes to calling out his own kind? 



August 01 2013

 see im from Baton Rouge i go to Woodlawn High school. I play foolatbl but i tried wrestling track. So with my school we work foolatbl everyday. During da season we have practice as normal but during off season we lift weights during 5th hour. then we do spring training for a week take about 2 weeks off. When summer starts we do more summer work outs which is alot of running lifting. yeah alot huh but dats jus foolatbl. now with wrestling our school wasnt known for wrestling so we jus did wrestlin only for da time between January to March then track started so i had to do both at the same time. wrestling ended it was time to do track meets. It was Over at da end of April for us we ended until this week where we have to run lift to get ready for track. so yeah it sound like a lot but its really not. im 6'2 . 235 lbs not skinny so yeah. if u really like it u wont mind it 



August 01 2013

 If you wrote an article about life we'd all reach enmhgitenlent. 



July 31 2013

 What a visual I have in my mind! I could just puictre Michael happy go lucky singing and laughing because he was piss a** drunk!!! LOL! I could see him making those comments to David after getting sick too! LOL!!! Too funny! 



July 30 2013

 This is quite a good article. Many new qosutiens emerge to the surface, all you need do is to read further information about the issues. Only then one can form a final view on a particular subject. Otherwise everything is seen only in the dimension of black and white. The natural logic of evaluating things before they were properly cognitively processed is a horrible mistake, made by those less intelligent. People should not throw away their common sense easily. Anything and everything deserves appropriate time for making judgements. 



July 30 2013

 And I was just wonedring about that too! 


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